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Over the years, we've gained a lot of knowledge and planning ideas that are helpful in making your event special.  Here are a few....

Ask for our help!
If you are looking for a Caterer, Florist, or Event Planner we can help.  We've worked with hundreds of different vendors in these fields and can help lead you in the right direction.  This will save you time and get you in contact with some of these great professionals.

Tents - Explore the options!
Doing something as simple as changing the tent top from a white top to a clear top can make a dramatic difference.  Explore the option of using a tent liner or pole covers for an added effect or use lighting to accent the tent.   

Small areas!
When working in small areas, use tall cocktail tables in the place of seated tables.  They are perfect for standing and eating and they can be real space savers.

These are just a few helpful tips to get you started,  please contact us and we can assist you even further.... 

You can also download our payment form right here on the site!  Click here to print off our credit card authorization form.